Your Kiddo Can Now Hold Scissors Properly & Can Cut Paper With It

Your child is now 5 years old and at this stage his motor skills have improved tremendously. Your kid can now hold and even handle a pair of scissors on his own. 

What you need to know:

As a parent, make sure to take care of safety measures as using scissors can be a little risky at this stage. Teach your kid to handle scissors properly and it is better to give him scissors that are not much sharp and meant especially for children. You can help your child cut different patterns on papers. That will keep him busy and he will enjoy making different patterns. You can even teach him to cut out different shapes and make his own scrap book. Your child will definitely hone his fine motor skills better. And in no time he will cut paper on his own without having shaky hands. 

Your Kiddo Can Now Hold Scissors Properly & Can Cut Paper With It




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