Your Kiddo Can Now Identify Various 3D Shapes

It is now that age when your child has mastered his simple 2D shapes on paper and is ready to move to the world of 3D shapes. With the spatial mental development of your child, he is able to identify and store information of different 3D shapes and match them with their pictures as well. Feeling the shapes is the best way to learn 3D shapes, so use a lot of hand activities to know about cube, cuboid, prims, cylinders, etc.Your Kiddo Can Now Identify Various 3D Shapes

What you need to know

Use different tools and toys to help your kid master the 3D shapes. Play dough is a great tool that will help your child learn about shapes while at the same time work on his fine motor skills. Get involved with your child and you can together learn about the different 3D shapes using the play dough and a lot of your creativity.

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