Your Kiddo Can Now Learn 6-9 Words Daily

Your Kiddo Can Now Learn 6-9 Words Daily

Yes! Applause for your kiddo. He can now learn around six to nine words on a daily basis. There are several such facts that will probably surprise you more than anything else. Parents, most of the times, underestimate their child because they are so young. But surprisingly in most cases kids happily outsmart their parents.

What you need to know
Language development is an area that kids are absolutely brilliant with. Interestingly, a five year old has the capacity to learn around 6-9 words every day. He learns the word he hears, grasps it and uses it to the best of his ability. Kids have an uncanny knack of picking up any language, which we adults do not have. Child psychologists perceive that this is because the brains and minds of young kids are still empty. And, most of them have a very receptive mind. Any new thing interests them at once, and they grab it with all their might.

What you can do 
A child when he hears a new word, will ensure that he registers it well in his mind and uses it at the first chance. As a parent, you must help your child learn new words in the easiest way possible. Introduce them to mediums that will allow them to explore language in an interesting way. Introduce good books and AVs that the child might be interested in. In this way, in just a few months the child will have a good stock of vocabulary, which is extremely essential for fluent conversations. So, don't think what your child can't do, because you still don't know what he is capable of. Keep exploring!!