Your Kiddo Can Now 'Look' For Answers Rather Than Just Knowing Them

Your second grader is increasingly becoming curious. To his numerous questions, he will look for answers. For instance, What if I throw this ball to the top of this tree? What if I keep a cube of ice in a cup? etc. Than giving the answer instantly, let him think about 'how to find' the answer'.

What you need to know

Understand the fact that while seeking solution to a problem, he learns to follow a sequence of instructions. For example, he wants to find out how do seeds grow? Guide him step wise. This will help him fo something independently and reach a conclusion. To develop scientific thinking, simple projects on science are fun and interesting for your second grader. Through them, he learns specific skills of questioning, making, testing, predicting. collecting, recording data and examining variations.

What you need to do

Your Kiddo Can Now 'Look' For Answers Rather Than Just Knowing Them

Provide opportunities to your child where she uses these skills to find answers to problems. For instance, he is fascinated with moon, why it is seen only at night, how the sun works and what are stars? Show him age appropriate videos, books, charts that fuel his interest in learning various science concepts. The simple science experiments with easy to follow step by step instructions will intrigue your child and have him asking why and how?




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