Your Kiddo Can Now Perfectly Define Objects by Their Usage

Your Kiddo Can Now Perfectly Define Objects by Their Usage
4y to 5y
Cognitive Development

This is primarily the age where major amount of cognitive changes happen in your child. The journey from being a toddler to a pre-schooler to know a relatively older child, also the mental shift from a fantasy world to the one that is completely driven by reason is huge. Your little one is quite mature at this age. He knows the right way to do things and most importantly is capable of solving his problems on his own.

What you need to know

Now everything that surrounded him has a meaning in his life, particularly an object. Every object has a meaning now, it’s not the colour or the sound that attracts him anymore, it is the purpose or the usage of the object that matters most to him now. The ability to describe similarities between two objects or to differentiate two objects also develops around this time. He begins to understand the permanent nature of an object, his approach towards the usage of it also changes. He considers every single thing around him with a specific nature, say a Tubelight- now it is not only a fun or magical thing for him, it is the most important thing for him when it is dark, or say a pencil- earlier it was one of the play-props for him but today it is the only medium to express his thoughts on a piece of paper.

So with time, his perception of every single object changes and for his own good. This certain cognitive development, like all aspects of development influences the other developments as well. Your little one grows into a different individual and your guidance can take him through in life. He will gain better understanding of the facilities he enjoys. This will also help him approach a problem logically and to deal with it more knowledgeably.

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