Your Kiddo Can Now Ride A Bicycle Comfortably

Your Kiddo Can Now Ride A Bicycle Comfortably
5y to 6y
Gross motor
Muscle Strength

At this stage, your child gets into the zone of balancing, and when it comes to balancing the first thing that comes to your mind is “Cycling.” You must encourage your little one to learn cycling as it is beneficial in many ways - balance and co-ordination, increases strength and also provides an excellent workout. It is also one such activity which you can do as a family as well. He has to be ready mentally, and once he learned, he can became very competent.

What you need to know

When your little one is riding the bicycle, he should be able to stand on one foot for 10 seconds, which indicates good core stability. He must be able to skip and gallop which indicates that your child has the ability to easily shift his weight from one side to the other. And you must also make sure his bicycle is a good fit –he should be able to touch both his feet flat on the ground with about 1 ½ inches clearance over the top tube. Ask your child sit on the bike, hands resting comfortably on the handle-bars , his feet should be flat on the ground. Ask him to push forward and backward, this will help him to find his centre of gravity. 

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