Your Kiddo Can Now Try Some Complex Drawings

At this stage, your child interacts with the environment by moving and touching objects within it. Fine motor skills not only involve manipulation of small muscles, particularly of the hand, but also coordinating the action of the eyes and hand together. Your child's fine motor skills have developed better. 

What you need to know

Now that your kid's grip is stronger, you have to see that he manages to hold the brush or pencil properly, also the connection of eye-hand movement has to be balanced. His ability of drawing or holding a pencil changes, as now he is looking at the picture and simultaneously drawing it, so the coordination becomes a must. With his growing age his fine motor skills are also developing rapidly, it allows him to draw complex sketches without being perplexed. You should always give him motivation and encouragement to follow his path perfectly.

Your Kiddo Can Now Try Some Complex Drawings




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