Your Kiddo Has Already Started Weaving A World Of Fantasy

At this stage, your child’s creativity is developing so much that sometimes he may think that what he believes is the truth. It may seem counterproductive; after all, you don't want to encourage lies, but the best way to handle this is, to relax and enjoy your child's tall tales.

What you need to know:

Highly embroidered fantasies are generally harmless and part of your 2 year old’s normal development. After all, you read fairy tales to your child. Why shouldn't your child offer some of his own? Until he is 3 or 4, your child isn't really able to distinguish between reality and fantasy. It is impossible for your 2-3 year old to grasp the concepts of lying and telling the truth. Imaginary friends are normal for your kid. Pretend pals are normal and a signal for your child's well-developed imagination. Even when your child blames a misdeed on his 'friend' there is nothing to worry about. From an emotional viewpoint, imaginary friends serve an important purpose: it gives your child a safe way to find out who he wants to be. And that his friend is also there to take the blame for the spilt milk on the floor. 

Your Kiddo Has Already Started Weaving A World Of Fantasy

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