Your Kiddo Has Become Skilled At Playing With A Small Ball

Your bundle of joy is now able to coordinate control of eye movement with hand movement very well. Using a ball, he can throw, catch, kick, bounce, roll, pass, push, and toss. You may even see him performing juggling tricks with the ball. 

This simple inexpensive toy is one of your child’s best friends as it helps him get better with timing, sequencing, bilateral skills, attention, besides hand-eye coordination.  Playing with your child using a ball is a nice way to unwind and have fun. 

Your Kiddo Has Become Skilled At Playing With A Small Ball

What you need to know

Try innovative ways of playing with a ball. For instance, Object Relays is a game where the whole family can take part. All members stand in a line and pass the ball to the member standing behind. Another game can be playing ball-wall toss. Here your child tosses the ball against a wall and catches.  Ask him to dribble the ball using one hand or alternating hands. 




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