Your Kiddo Has Better Control Over His Body Movements Now

Your Kiddo Has Better Control Over His Body Movements Now
Muscle Strength

Your second grader is gradually becoming aware of his own body movement. He looks forward to challenges of new and more advanced movement patterns. He can now ride a two wheel bike on his own. He will display a matured pattern of throwing, kicking and striking. You can see more balance, speed and strength in his movements. But, to keep this going you must make an effort to improve his/her motor skills.

What you need to do
In order to strengthen his gross motor skills, play pretend games with him. For instance, fly like an air-plane or hop like a rabbit. Play hopscotch. Hopping and jumping need strong muscles, balance and coordination. By seeing you doing, your child will get an understanding of what the body can do.

Swinging is another activity by which he will know coordinating shifting weight and moving his legs back and forth. For instance, he can balance on one foot, hop and jump accurately, do somersaults. He will also show interest in being part of team games which will help build his own identity and self esteem. In order to improve his balance, you can extend a piece of string or tape in a straight line on the floor. Let him practice walking on it.