Your Kiddo Has Intriguing Hobbies And Interests Now

Your Kiddo Has Intriguing Hobbies And Interests Now

Your champ is now at a stage where their interests are vast and they are eager to get involved in anything and everything. But that does not mean they are going to continue showing interest in everything. They are checking out what suits best for them.

What you need to know
This is the age you can start your child off with hobbies and different classes available for them. Hobbies not only help to engage them in something other than academics but it also gives them time to do what they like to do and it helps them to socialize with other kids.

Understand that they will have inclinations towards what they are self-motivated by. At this age they might get into reading, music, dancing or intellectual interests like chess, quizzes, physical activities like skating, swimming, football, basketball etc or collecting bottle caps, stamps, stickers etc. This collection of things also shows one of the main characteristics of kids this age; that is, owning things and taking care of them. Children learn to share their collections by exchanging duplicate ones with their friends. So encourage the kid from now to get into a hobby.

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