Your Kiddo Is Able To Remember Few Routine Practices With Few Adult Reminders

At this stage, your angel starts to become more independent and starts performing more activities on her own. Your kiddo will learn to maintain discipline while performing her work at specific periods. Routines also help your kiddo develop self-control because she will know to wait until a certain time to do a particular activity.

What you need to know:

At this point, routines helps your kiddo's sense of mastery and competence and makes her cooperate by reducing stress and anxiety for everyone. There can be a way of teaching and reminding your young one healthy habits, like brushing her teeth, getting some exercise, or washing her hands after using the toilet. If your child needs to take medicine regularly, a routine for this will help make both of you less likely to forget. An organised and predictable home environment helps your kiddo to feel safe and secure. A regular schedule gives your child a way to order and organize her life. 

Your Kiddo Is Able To Remember Few Routine Practices With Few Adult Reminders




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