Your Kiddo Is Able To Ride A Bicycle With Training Wheels

Most children by the age of 4 lose interest in simple ride-on push toys and have graduated to bicycles with training wheels. If your little one is also showing interest in a bicycle then encourage your child. Your child now has the muscle strength, coordination and balance to operate a bicycle with training wheels. This is the time when your child is going through significant gross motor development and your help and encouragement is much needed.Your Kiddo Is Able To Ride A Bicycle With Training Wheels

What you need to know

Although your child is physically capable to handle a bicycle, he still does not have an understanding of danger and possible injuries. Make sure that your child wears a helmet while riding and does not ride anywhere near traffic and cars. Children this age are always at a high risk of falls and injuries. Adult supervision at all times while your child is riding his bicycle is important.




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