Your Kiddo is All Ready For Some Play Dates!

Your 2 year old child by nature is self-centred. At this age children are more concerned about their needs and act very selfishly. Often they would refuse to share their things and are not able to easily interact with other children. At times your child’s behaviour may upset you but if you take a closer look you would notice that all children this age behave in the same manner. His social skills are bound to improve now and you can make the best use of this stage by boosting his development.Your Kiddo is All Ready For Some Play Dates!

What you need to know
Children this age view the world only as per their needs and assume that others are also looking at the world in the same manner. So on occasions when they feel that others are not acting to fulfil their needs they are unable to control their emotions. They are still to learn the feeling of empathy but as parents you can start working on these skills. The skills learnt at a young age shape your child’s character and decide the kind of person they will become as adults.

Play dates to boost your child's social development
Play dates are a great way to work on your child’s social skills. Play dates are excellent opportunities to introduce children to the concept of using rules when playing together. Rules like sharing toys, waiting for their turn, understand that others also have needs are lessons that can be taught during play dates. Your child needs a lot of practice with social skills and do not expect instant results after the first play date itself. You will have to give your child multiple opportunities to practice these skills and for that you might need to arrange regular play dates.




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