Your Kiddo is Already Quite Taste Sensitive

Your Kiddo is Already Quite Taste Sensitive
Eating Habit

With your kid's growing needs and opinions, his taste is also changing and now he is more taste sensitive.

"Yummy! Yummy!" These are magic words that every parent looks forward to when they put a spoonful of food in their toddler’s mouth and lucky are those parents whose children are non-fussy eaters and love to eat everything that is put on their plate. However, most children this age are the exact opposite of that. So do not be disheartened if your child refuses to eat anything that is not sweet because about 90% of parents suffer the same fate.

What you need to know
As parents you need to understand that your child’s sense of taste is still developing. Moreover there are other factors also that regulate their taste preferences like ‘inborn liking’ and ‘sensory sensitivity’. Studies have also shown that the food exposure in the foetal stage also influences their eating habits. What the mother eats during pregnancy will decide the food that the child will end up liking or disliking.

Development of strong food preferences
By this stage, almost all tastes of your kid have developed. Only bitter is a taste that will develop a little later in life. Children this age prefer to eat food that looks good. They may be willing to try out new food but would prefer the food they have already tasted. They would have strong likes and dislikes and would easily get bored of eating. Constant reminders and encouragement will be needed to get them to finish the food.