Your Kiddo Is Better At Socialising Now

Your Kiddo Is Better At Socialising Now

With growing empathy and growing understanding, your child's social skills have improved radically and now he can socialise better. Socializing is an art that comes naturally to some kids while for some it needs to be urged and taught. Some kids get the hang of it while some will be stubborn and do not do so, so easily.

What you need to know
Children this age playing by themselves, playing with a parent or same age cousins at home is also termed as socializing. Lacking in socializing is indicated if the kid is always on TV or gadgets, and does not go out to play or talk to parents. With socializing skills, the child can develop empathy, sharing, waiting for turns and self-control. It also helps them to develop healthy interpersonal interactions.

Lack in socializing does not mean your kid has bad behaviour, it means they do not know how to handle a situation when in the company of others. Children this age can understand that if they are hurt by the behaviour of others then they can also hurt others with the same or similar behaviour.

What you can do
So teach your 7-8 year old socializing methods. Let them interact with their friends and peers modestly and curb any un-socializing factor at the time it happens without putting them down in front of their friends or peers. Parents with single kids would have to strive a little more to make them understand others’ feelings and socialize with other kids for the only reason that they would not have experienced it with siblings.