Your Kiddo Is Likely To Ask You A Lot Of Questions About Different Things He Observes

At this stage, your little one’s favorite word is likely to be “Why” as he might start to ask you a lot of questions. Your kiddo’s little brain is developing at a rapid pace and he has now started observing everything that is around him. So, though it is very annoying sometimes to answer those questions, it is considered as a developmental milestone. Your sweetie pie is over 3 years old, and now his ability of thinking and reasoning has developed and he wants the reason behind everything now. He wants to know, 'Why the sky is blue in color?'Your Kiddo Is Likely To Ask You A Lot Of Questions About Different Things He Observes

What you need to know

Your child might now be able to name the colors correctly, begin to count the numbers and also understands the concept of counting. He might be able to sort the objects depending on their shapes, sizes and colors. He might also solve simple puzzles and may also understand the movement of time. It is a great way to understand that your little one is developing his cognitive skills. It is also a positive sign that your kiddo is heading towards a better development. 




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