Your Kiddo Is Likely To Draw At Least 6 Body Parts

Your Kiddo Is Likely To Draw At Least 6 Body Parts
Shape recognition

By now, your little one can copy a square, triangle , circle and use these shapes to draw atleast 6 body parts. He uses the circle to draw head, square for the body, triangle for the nose, circle for eyes and so on. This way he incorporates the different shapes while drawing the body parts, enhancing his fine motor and cognitive skills.

What you need to know

In order to help your child understand the various body parts, display a large laminated poster of a child. Using another such poster, cut apart the different body parts. Label and laminate the different parts. Use Velcro dots on the poster and the pieces. Get your little one to attach the pieces in the poster in the correct place. This way he gets an understanding of how the body parts look and will try to draw them using his knowledge about shapes.

You can also use a colourful construction papers and cut all the shapes like short rectangles for arms, long rectangles for legs, triangles for feet, hearts for hands, white ovals for eyes with black circles inside. Once the pieces are ready, let him glue them together. 

Show him age appropriate books on different body parts. This will help him to recall and draw using different shapes.

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