Your Kiddo Is Likely To Enjoy Stories About Strong Powerful People

At this stage, your kid will become more creative and will have developed his imagination. He might now understand stories and also start remembering them. Your sweetie pie is close to 6 years old, and now he is likely to enjoy the stories of strong or powerful people or people that have created history. 

What you need to know:

At this point, you will notice that your kid might have developed his language skills and might have become a good listener as well. He might love to hear a story that revolves around a powerful person. He might also start pretending to be a character from the stories he hears. Always remember to keep an eye on your child after he has watched a story of a superhero or has listened to a story from you, as pretending is good until he hurts himself. Don’t forget to teach your sweetie pie that some stories are made up and the characters in those stories are fake as well. 

Your Kiddo Is Likely To Enjoy Stories About Strong Powerful People

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