Your Kiddo Is Likely To Get Embarrassed Daily

By now, your kid will be spending a lot of her substantial time with her peer groups in school and later in the play area near home. Thus, she would be focusing on fitting in and how she is being observed by her peers. She might get embarrassed if she gets little offbeat.

What you need to know :

At this point of time you would have noticed that your darling is not the usual exhibitionist, she doesn't mind roaming at home freely. You would have noticed that if you introduce her to a new set of people, she may hide behind you or simply blush as all eyes would be on her. She would be concerned on what all her friends are doing and she can't do, it is a huge issue. In addition to it, she might feel inferior to others and eventually embarrassed. However refrain from nagging, instead you tell her that she is doing her best and emphasize more on the things she can do well. Make her understands that there is nothing wrong in being different because everyone is differently talented. 

Your Kiddo Is Likely To Get Embarrassed Daily




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