Your Kiddo Is Likely To Help You In Simple Day To Day Tasks

Your Kiddo Is Likely To Help You In Simple Day To Day Tasks
Non-verbal cues

During this age, your angel will ask you whether she could also roll the rotis or sweep the floor. Ever since her birth she has been observing the daily chores you perform at home. 

What you need to know

At this age, your angel will become quite understanding and responsible. Instead of shooing her away, involve her in daily household activities. As she would be familiarised with most of the chores through observing your routine, it will be more fun for her to help you out than being busy with her toys and other gadgets. She will even love to clean up the mess.

It will be a great pleasure to see her imitate you in all aspects. Simple words and gestures of appreciation and acknowledging her will boost her level of self-confidence. You will be overexcited, when she receives you at home with a glass of water and a broad warm smile. She will now assist you while cooking in the kitchen by fetching things from the fridge and putting them back, laying the table for dinner, bless her wholeheartedly for having made your day!

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