Your Kiddo Is Likely To Imitate You & Other Family Members

Your Kiddo Is Likely To Imitate You & Other Family Members

Now your cutiepie is not only physically developed but emotional development is also at peak during this time. He will exhibit a wide variety of emotions. The best part of this time is your child will imitate everyone and get into anyone's shoes with great ease.

What you need to know

During this time you will be highly confused seeing your little one as he is impersonating his favorite doctor, neighbor or his favorite uncle. Your face will adorn a beautiful smile seeing his antics and by the time you will dwell out of the moment, you are up for a surprise as your kiddo is now enacting. He catches your right tone, your attitude and your style. Your child will now look out for your belongings and any chance given he will slip into your possession and will gauge his appearance in a mirror.

This is his way of expressing his love and fondness towards you. His best play or time pass is to gain your appreciation and attention by making you happy. His acts are not to hurt or disregard anyone but to express his feelings towards you. Appreciate his effort as he is imaginative and creative while carrying out all this. These are the memories you are going to cherish forever, he will grow and indulge into other activities and plays. This is the best time of his life, let him enjoy it to the fullest by being a sport.