Your Kiddo Is Likely To Name All 7 Days Of The Week

Oh how you get amazed by all your little darling is accomplishing these days, isn’t it? It is amazing how the brains of little children are like a sponge that can absorb and retain all the information that is given to them. This is the time when your preschooler will start to pick up names of days of the week and will be able to repeat them sequentially. The sense of time is still developing but he will know the difference between weekdays and weekends.Your Kiddo Is Likely To Name All 7 Days Of The Week

What you need to know

Days of the week come very naturally to adults but are a little difficult for children. It will take some practice for them to understand and master that on which day of the week which activity falls. At this age children are just repeating the days of the week sequentially like a rhyme without really understanding the essence of it much.

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