Your Kiddo Is Likely To Prefer Playing With His Own Gender People

Now when your little boy goes to the park to play, he automatically gravitates to the boys his age in the park. While earlier it did not matter to him whether his playmate is a girl or boy, now he prefers to make friends with boys. He may even shy away from girls at times and will try to snub the girls if you insist that he plays with them.

What you need to know

Gender segregation starts developing as early as 2-3 years and by the age of 7-8 years children show clear preference of playing with their own gender. This is also because of play compatibility as boys tend to be more active and disruptive while girls are more sensitive. Girls may prefer playing with dolls and toys while boys might like to run and jump in the park. Although this is not a stereotype and kids have their own preferences. As parents we should encourage them to interact with everyone but let them choose their own friends.

Your Kiddo Is Likely To Prefer Playing With His Own Gender People




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