Your Kiddo Is Likely To Tell The Colour Of Common Objects Without Seeing

Now that your child is over 4 years old, he is getting a lot of exposure to the world outside home as well. There are some things that he will see on a daily basis and is able to relate to them. He can now easily tell the colors of common fruits and vegetables without even looking at them. His mind has now created photographic memory of some of the common, everyday things. His picture books are also helping him in building this visual memory.Your Kiddo Is Likely To Tell The Colour Of Common Objects Without Seeing

What you need to know

The exposure that your child is getting at home and at the play-school is helping cement his early childhood memories. This is a critical period for memory formation and cognitive development. The more exposure he will get the better will be his understanding and learning. Visually stimulating books and activities will be a great help at this time.

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