Your Kiddo Is Now Able To Follow Up To 5 Step Instructions

Finish your milk, get your jacket, wear your cap, wear your socks and shoes, then we will go to the park. If you give your baby this kind of instructions, he is likely to understand and then follow them. This is because his vocabulary is much improved and his sequential thinking is also better developed. He is now able to follow multiple instructions of up to 5 steps. 

What you need to know

Your Kiddo Is Now Able To Follow Up To 5 Step Instructions

Your child has now started to communicate with you in complex sentences with multiple information in the same sentence. He is also able to grasp, assimilate and store multiple instructions when you talk to him clearly and slowly. What is also amazing at this time is that he is even able to remember these instructions in the sequential form. This is however possible at this time only in relatable activities that he has some past experience of.

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