Your Kiddo Is Now Able To Write Letters Such As 'p, b, q, And d' Without Reversing Them

At this stage, your little one requires a lot of encouragement to build his confidence as a writer. Your child might now be able to use intrinsic muscles of his hand which is very important for writing. He might also be able to write now both upper and lower cases of alphabets and might be able to differentiate between the two. Your sweetie pie is now over 6 years old and he might be able to write letters of the lowercase even without reversing them.Your Kiddo Is Now Able To Write Letters Such As 'p, b, q, And d' Without Reversing Them

What you need to know:

At this point, you will notice that your sweetie pie might start enjoying drawing and labeling different objects. He might now understand that certain words or appropriate words should start with capital letters as there are less variety of starting points. He might also start enjoying his writing skills and write all the letters of upper and lower case without any confusion. Always remember not to rush your kiddo especially for this complex activity such as handwriting as he has to develop his writing skills at his own pace. This is a great way to understand that your child is developing his writing and fine motor skills. It is also a positive sign that he is developing his learning skills as well.




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