Your Kiddo Is Now Eligible To Engage In Simple Cooking Activities

By now, your child has developed good fine motor skills. Cooking can be great fun for children. It helps them be independent, confident and learn skills that they can use throughout adulthood.  You can involve your child in following a simple recipe like making sandwich or making even sized patties, planning the family meal, whisking ingredients, making salads, grate and peel vegetables. However, he may still need reminders to watch his fingers while using a grater and peeler. Supervision is necessary.Your Kiddo Is Now Eligible To Engage In Simple Cooking Activities

What you need to know

Prior to starting the cooking, make sure where he has to be careful. Supervise but let him complete the task. It gives him immense satisfaction and he feels great about his accomplishment. You can take a picture and add to the album.  

Keep a first aid kit handy as a precaution.

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