Your Kiddo is Now Ready for Some Personal Chores

Your pre-schooler has now learnt to talk and walk which is a wonderful thing. This is the correct phase when need to teach them how to manage their personal items.

What you need to know

The basic training can be initiated when the child has crossed 14 months. You could demonstrate to them some basic household chores such as folding blankets, arranging pillows, etc. The child learns by observing their parents and it is important that you offer practical learning. Start with simple folding techniques. Step by step instructions are required in order to make them learn.

The other activities which can be taught at this age are to put their food plate and glass into the sink. This habit can be inculcated by verbally imparting this knowledge and also by asking each and every member of the family to follow it. Once this is taught you can then proceed with other activities such as dumping used clothes in the laundry basket, organizing toys on the shelf, arranging shoes and slippers in the shoe rack. This teaching is a primary step to develop the habits of cleanliness and must be taught to every child at an early age.Your Kiddo is Now Ready for Some Personal Chores

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