Your Kiddo is Now Ready for Training on Proper Pronunciation

Your child has grown from a baby to a pre-schooler and this is the time when they need to learn several new things. It is important for you to polish up on their interactive skills so that they can adjust in society. For starters, he is ready for some training in pronunciation. 

What you need to know
Once the child crosses 2 years they generally start improving on their verbal capabilities. But there are some basics which are necessary for the kid to learn. You can act as a teacher to make the child learn how to pronounce different words. Don’t push the child to learn but make it a fun learning experience that keeps them interested.Your Kiddo is Now Ready for Training on Proper Pronunciation

Sit with your toddler and talk to them. Let them make mistakes -- this is the time when you correct and teach them the exact way to pronounce. You can also demonstrate to them the proper use of the tongue while speaking. There are several words that require folding or bending of the tongue. Step by step you can show this to your kid. Teach new words to your child so that it helps them to build vocabulary.




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