Your Kiddo is Now Smarter, Faster and More Curious- But What's The Catch?

By the age of 3, your toddler is smarter and faster but they are quite curious as well; more curious about locks, about the things around them. But it’s even the point when they are unsafe, when they can hurt themselves. So, how do you keep your little one safe? 

Did you lock those doors and go to the washroom only to come out and see that your child has somehow opened the lock and gone outside? That’s actually quite scary, but still it happens quite often.

What you need to do

Well, firstly you have to stop assuming that your child can’t do certain things that they couldn’t do yesterday. For instance, if they couldn’t open the lock yesterday doesn’t mean that they can’t open it today.

Your Kiddo is Now Smarter, Faster and More Curious- But What's The Catch?

Secondly, never leave a child alone in the kitchen or bathroom. These are the two places that are most accident prone. Also, it is important that you stay cautious when you are at other people’s homes, because people can get distracted when they have guests.

Lastly, be cautious because accidents can happen and talk to your child to avoid such situations in the first place.

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