Your Kiddo is Ready For Choosing The Right Extracurricular Activity

Your first grader spends considerable time at school. Once he is back, balance his schedule with play dates, playground visits and one or two days of extracurricular activity per week. With so many options available, it’s tricky choosing the right activity for your child.

What you need to do

The best option will be to go for a non-competitive sport and other physical activities, as it is around this age that he starts getting an understanding about the abilities of his own body. To start, find out from the school teacher or principal what options are available in the school itself. Next you can check at your community and recreation centre about what they offer. If they have a brochure, get it home. If you know any friend whose child is enrolled for a program, get feedback from her about the program.

Discuss with your child

Once you get an idea, talk to your child and find out what he is interested to pursue. If it’s a sport, it should help him learn new athletic skills. Give him options like painting, skating, music and dance, tennis, football. Also check whether your child will have enough time to do homework once he is enrolled for the program. Once you have short-listed the activity, visit the centre again, preferably when a session is on so that you can get a real idea about the environment, staff and the activity.

Your Kiddo is Ready For Choosing The Right Extracurricular Activity

You can check about the place and the environment like its cleanliness, safety and whether it is organized and supervised well; also whether children pursuing the activity are happy and enthusiastic. Find details about logistics like the fee structure, any hidden costs for uniforms, costumes or equipment? Before committing to any program, ensure you have all the relevant information. This will enable you to take the right decision for your child.

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