Your Kiddo Is Ready For Some Mealtime Family Bonding

For a nearly seven year old child, it’s not only the independence that he enjoys, but you might also see him becoming aware of some kind of responsibility towards his family. Or you may see him being more interested in going out together.

What you need to know
Well, this is the age where you need to make him learn to maintain a balance between his peer life and family life as well. Make him learn family bonding skills in a caring and fun filled manner so that he enjoys this. For example, take him out for a weekend for a picnic or dinner; this will be both refreshing and enjoyable. Also do not force him to do the same, rather support him, this will lead to more understanding between him and you.

What you need to do 
Apart from this, you must also teach him to live happily with family people. Take him for a vacation to your ancestral house or make him learn about family values. You might find your child fighting with younger sibling without any reason at times. But you need not worry; just inculcate in him fine family bonding skills as he is still a child, what you make him learn with love, he will adapt willingly.Your Kiddo Is Ready For Some Mealtime Family Bonding

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