Your Kiddo is Ready For Some Reading and Comprehension

Your Kiddo is Ready For Some Reading and Comprehension
Letter Recognition

Your first grader is now starting academic learning which is more formal. To ease the transition from kindergarten to first grade, find out what the first grade curriculum is all about.

What you can do 
You can work on your child’s reading and comprehension. Let him read his favourite books again and again. Talk to him about the prints of capital and lower-case letters. Let him pick a single word on a page, read it, write it and talk about what it means. Encourage recognizing sight words than reading them. This will help him to place new sounds and letter combinations. Guide him to group common words in categories like food, colours, shapes etc.

Story reading
While reading the story, talk to him about the basic story elements such as plot, character, and events. Stories when read aloud will make him listen with interest. Once understood, he will be able to retell a simple story. You can expose your child to a huge variety of books like fables, folk tales, and stories. Make him understand how a fable is different from a folk tale or story.

Talk to him about the title, author name, illustrator name and table of contents before reading a story. While reading, check for his understanding by asking questions related to characters and develop his creativity and imagination.

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