Your Kiddo Is Ready To Adapt To A Planner Now

Your Kiddo Is Ready To Adapt To A Planner Now
Self Regulation

At this age, schedules and routines can help your child feel more secure in a predictable environment. With time, as you keep following the routine, your child will know what comes next and the anxiety levels will be reduced. It also helps you ensure that your child is having nourishment at the right time, having outdoor play time, story time, family time, study time etc.

What you need to know

Structure and routine are important for everyone, not just children! Most often people who lead a structured life are more successful in achieving their dreams as they have a plan in place. Having a routine is even more important for your little one's growth and development.

It helps you plan all activities that are important for your child’s mental and physical development and ensures you do not miss out on any of them when put down in a schedule form. Have fixed times for lunch, music class, park time, cycling, reading etc. for your child. Writing down the schedule and putting it where all family members can see will also help share responsibility when you are away.