Your Kiddo Is Ready To Bid Goodbye Without Tears

Your Kiddo Is Ready To Bid Goodbye Without Tears

The time is here, for your child to start her school journey. This milestone has been greatly anticipated by both of you with lots of excitement, anxiety, joy and holding back of tears. She now, won’t be referred to as your baby, but as a preschooler. 

What you need to know:

You are worried not about your preschooler’s separation anxiety, but about your own. You have spent the last 3 years teaching your child rules, routines, how to share, how to play, nice ways to talk, good manners, etc. and now it’s time to send your child off into the world all alone. You know that sending your child to preschool will be the best thing for her and for you. Your child is ready to meet new friends, grow socially, emotionally and cognitively, and gain independence. You know you are ready for this, you will spend time apart as well. 

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