Your Kiddo Is Ready to Help Around The House

Your Kiddo Is Ready to Help Around The House
Muscle Strength
Gross motor

Yes, your little 5-year-old can actually help you out a lot in the house and this is not time wasted for the child either. Apart from the fact that you get to spend more time with your child this way, your child learns a lot while helping you out. Simple tasks like helping in folding clothes, setting the table, hanging the laundry out to dry, straightening up the bed, dusting, etc are all jobs that your child can help you out with. 

Every mother knows how much there is to do in the house and added to that if there are young children around, then the work just doubles. How we wish that we had a helping hand to help in our chores. No worries, your child is fully fit to help you!

What you need to know

All these chores work on your child’s fine and gross motor skills. The muscles start developing and your child gains more control over their fingers and arms. Their hand-eye coordination also gets improved.
If you keep telling your child the names of the different things around the house and how they are used, from where you bought them etc, you will add on to your child’s vocabulary. Ask simple questions about these things and your child’s verbal skills also get some practice.

Household chores will also help in confidence building, sequential thinking, problem solving and memory skills of your child.

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