Your Kiddo Is Ready To Learn The Good Hygiene Habits

Your Kiddo Is Ready To Learn The Good Hygiene Habits
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Now that your kid is over five years old, he will be spending a good amount of time outside the home, busy with school, sports, play dates and what not. And, at every level hygiene and health get compromised. Maintaining and teaching kids about good habits is a must, so that they can stay bonny and healthy all through their lives.

What you need to know 
Even though there is no dearth of good habits that you can teach your kids, there are few which are indispensable. These habits must be inculcated in your child at the earliest so that they remain with him for life and he is careful them always.

The first habit is washing hands after coming home and especially before eating food. Explain to your child how the germs will pose severe health hazards to him. Practice this in front of your child so that he learns faster. Second, you must teach your child to cover his mouth while sneezing and coughing. These germs are highly contagious and carry far, spreading fast.

Third, they should learn not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread very fast through the mucous membrane, and cause several diseases. Four, they need to take good care of their teeth. Brushing twice everyday is a must and the child must abide by this habit all through his life. Five, regular bathing is important to keep our body clean and fresh. Set up regular bath times so that the child gets used to it. Bathing also refreshes the mind, making the child energetic and happy. These five good hygiene habits will give your child a healthy and happy life.

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