Your Kiddo Is Ready To Take Cleanliness More Seriously

Your Kiddo Is Ready To Take Cleanliness More Seriously
Self Regulation

Your child is accountable for keeping his room clean and tidy by now. The sooner he inculcates these habits, the better it will help him to get organized in life as he grows up. As a parent, teach your child why it’s important to be organized in life. If his room is kept clean and in order, it will also bring clarity in his thinking and mind.

What you need to know

Your child responds well when you support your statement with an example. For instance, if he does not keep his identity card at the same place every day, he will waste his time hunting for it while leaving for school in the morning. This strategy works better than directly ordering him to clean his room/ keep things at the right place.

To start with, explain what a clean room means. This includes making the bed, putting laundry in the basket, maintaining a neat study table, keeping toys and games in the right place, id card in his bag, art and craft items in appropriate boxes, hanging his uniform and belt, collecting trash in the garbage bag and so on.

Get him to make a step-by-step chart about all the above things. In this way, he will take pride in implementing them too. Paste the chart in his room so that it is visible to him. If he follows the check-list, you can reward him by giving him a star or treat him with his favourite cookie at the end of the month.

Give your kid some authority over how his room should be maintained

Your child at this age demonstrates a high level of independence. Give him some control on how he wants his room/space to look. He may give his opinion regarding rearranging the furniture, painting a shelf, labelling boxes/bins, or pasting pictures on the wall/cupboard/entrance of his room. All this helps in making his own decisions, making his room special and being creative.

In this process, your child develops skills such as responsibility, accountability and being organized, which will shape his personality in the years to come.

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