Your Kiddo May Be Able To Resolve Conflicts Without Adult Intervention

Your child has his own friendship temperament. He could be bossy, shy, extrovert, etc. He spends a good time with his friends, be at school or in the playground and at times play may not go smooth.  Conflicts come at every age but by now your child has the ability to resolve conflicts with friends on his own. This is because he now understands others feelings and their perspectives. Above all, your child is motivated to work through the conflict as friendship means a lot to him,  especially  if he has a close friend.Your Kiddo May Be Able To Resolve Conflicts Without Adult Intervention

What you need to know

Let your child discover on his own how valuable friendship is and what goes in to sustain the friendship. These can’t be imposed. 

Help your child to simply make good friends.  Teach him to say sorry if he is at fault. Let him get the message, acknowledging one’s mistake and saying sorry is being mature, not wrong or feeling belittled.




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