Your Kiddo May Have An Attitude Of Gratitude

Your Kiddo May Have An Attitude Of Gratitude
2y to 3y

At this age, you can teach your kid to be polite - to have gratitude towards people around her! Inculcating these small atitudes will shape her personality in the long run. You want your kid to be happy and you give her what she wants. But instead of being grateful for what she has, she may be disappointed or always seems to want “more.”

What you need to know:

At this pont, help your kid to appreciate the good in whatever happens. If she has done something good even if it is a small thing, appreciate her. In doing so she will learn to be thankful to people around her. Make sure you carry the same attitude at home or to people around you, remember your child will observe your behavior and act a like. You will see the change in sometime, when buy something for her she will thank you and appreciate the act. 

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