Your Kiddo May Use Fewer Unusual Descriptions

Your Kiddo May Use Fewer Unusual Descriptions
6y to 7y
Language & Communication

Your child’s language skills are more refined now. He will use long and complex sentences, has a sense of others view points, can carry on conversation like adults- keeping it two way, and can predict, conclude, agree or disagree to what others say.

He will be keen to describe something interesting that happened at school, at play during the day and will also form and share his opinions. For instance, after watching a movie, you may hear him say, “The movie talked about how a family communicates and lives together happily” rather than saying, “The movie was about a family where there were parents and 2 kids.” The growing language skills and abstract thinking supplement the progress of your child in forming his opinions.

What you need to know

Your child wants to talk like an adult and share his knowledge. However, he still depends on you for love, affection, care and sense of security.

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