Your Kiddo Might Be Using Slang- Here's What to do

With positive attributes, some negatives too can greet your child at this stage. It can be quite a shock when you hear your 5 year old use slangs or swear. But, the larger question that needs to be comprehended is why at all they do this. Before we go further, do try to understand this fact that there is always a reason for everything a child does, and finding out the reason is the first step towards a plausible solution.Your Kiddo Might Be Using Slang- Here's What to do

What you need to know

Swearing is bad, but we all do it at some point. While some of us use regularly, some use it seldom. A child’s first school is his home, and thus it is quite possible that he is imitating his elders. For a 5 year old, every new word is a new word. He doesn't bother whether it is good or bad. Sometimes, swearing is also a part showing his frustration or anger and at times it is just an attention seeking technique. These are some of the most common reasons why a child uses slang words. Once you know where it is coming from it is easy to deal with his. Talk to your child. Do not command him- “don't say these words”.

This doesn't work at all. Talk to him and find out why he does so. Explain why he should not swear and be an example for him. Only saying things verbally doesn't go well with kids aged 5 years. Your actions will impact him more than your words, anytime. Grab the real issue and make your child understand.

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