Your Kiddo Needs An Effective Bed Routine Now

Your Kiddo Needs An Effective Bed Routine Now

Your 6 year old needs a good 10-11 hours of sleep. Establishing a bedtime routine for your first grader is essential so that she is fresh to handle the next day’s challenges at school, home or at play.

What you need to know 
The routine should be relaxing and lasting about 20 to 30 minutes. Follow the same sequence of activities. This will sensitize her about getting ready to sleep. For example, the routine can be like taking a warm bath, putting on her pyjamas, brushing her teeth, getting her school bag ready, laying down her uniform and getting into her cosy bed either with her favourite soft toy or a book to read.

What you can do 
You can also read with her or simply chat. Try telling her about something she did that was very good. Ensure when she goes to sleep it’s on a positive note. A kiss and a hug and then you can put the lights out. If she is scared of the dark, you can use a night light.




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