Your Kiddo Needs To Prioritise Sleep More

Your Kiddo Needs To Prioritise Sleep More
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Your bundle of joy is so active throughout the day and resists all efforts that you make to put him in bed at the right time. However difficult it might be to maintain a regular bedtime, but it is very important that you try to plan out a bedtime for your child. For proper physical, mental and psychological growth, it is very important that your little kiddo gets 10-11 hours of sleep.

What you need to know

Sleep is as important for your child as nutrition and exercise is. We as parents know how sleep affects our children’s mood, energy levels and even learning and behavior. A well slept child, who has taken his good 10-11 hours of sleep is able to focus better on his work, eats better, is more active and even more adaptive to the different changes going around him. Sleep will also help your child grow physically. Children who get less than the recommended hours of sleep will have weight issues, learning problems and even behavioral issues with peer group.

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