Your Kiddo Now Displays Skilled Way Of Kicking, Throwing & Catching An Object

Your child’s motor skills are highly refined and shaped now. Be it throwing, kicking, balancing, catching, these skills have approached the mature stage and will allow him to do well in organized sports like basketball, football. These skills are also crucial to execute every day self- care needs. A lot depends on the amount of physical activity he gets on a regular basis, good health and nutrition.  Your Kiddo Now Displays Skilled Way Of Kicking, Throwing & Catching An Object

What you need to know

Your child has spent a good time in school sitting at a desk in the classroom. Hence, physical activity becomes even more important. Limit  TV watching and schedule playtime in your child’s  routine.  Get him to be active. Playing games like hopscotch, running and unstructured play in the park are wonderful ways to build muscle strength. 

Besides protein rich foods needed for building muscles, include in your child’s diet fruits, vegetables, whole grains and milk. 

Disclaimer : Content presented here is for information purposes only, please consult with your doctor for any health queries




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