Your Kiddo Now Enjoys Making Appropriate Decisions That Are Important To Him

Take your darling to the market, and he insists on the buying the toys that he likes rather than what you think is appropriate for him, or take him to a restaurant and he takes pride in choosing the dishes on his own. At times he will even become adamant and it will be difficult to mold his decision. However, this is the time when your little darling is learning to take decisions and be assertive. It would help to give in some times but also set strict rules for the other times.Your Kiddo Now Enjoys Making Appropriate Decisions That Are Important To Him

What you need to know

Kids this age love to play grown up and want to do the things that they have watched their parents do. This applies to taking decisions too. Their personality is also developing and they see themselves as separate entities and want to take control of their lives. They would love to take small decisions related to them, like what clothes they want to wear or the shoes they think matches with the dress, etc. Appropriate decision making is an art that they are learning and trying out at all times at this age.

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