Your Kiddo Now Has A Strong Number Sense & Better Evaluation Skills

Your little baby is now showing mathematical prowess and it amazes you every day. Isn’t it hard to believe that the child you were teaching to walk and talk a couple of years ago can now do addition, subtraction and other simple word related mathematical problems? Your baby can now work with 3 digit numbers in multiple ways. 

What you need to know

Children at this age have strong mathematical and estimation skills. They can also apply strategies to word problems and can also do sequential thinking to understand the problem solving flow. Seven year olds also know how to use the ruler to make unit measurements. They also have the knowledge of shapes and different structures. This helps them in fine tuning their estimation skills. However every parent must keep in mind that every child is unique and will learn at their own pace. It helps to encourage your child but avoid being too pushy when it comes to learning

Your Kiddo Now Has A Strong Number Sense & Better Evaluation Skills

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