Your Kiddo Now Has More Control Over His Senses

At this stage, your little one has now adapted to new ways by learning to control his senses. He has transformed from an innocent kid to a smarter one. You as a mother have to make it a point that the kid enhances his abilities.

What you need to know
Can you name a fun way to enhance your child’s physical ability? The answer is dancing! Dancing helps to keep the body fit and also makes your child learn about various rhythms to which he can tap his feet. It is a way to sharpen the brain to recognise different sound patterns to which your little one can groove.Your Kiddo Now Has More Control Over His Senses

Observe your kid initially to figure out what music he likes. Then demonstrate to him a happy dance with a smile on your face. It is not necessary to follow proper steps. Your child just needs to move with the music which is the main task. You can take your child to a social gathering or party where he can see people dancing. This would help him enhance his understanding about this activity. Use different music and change your moves to observe if the kid does the same.

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