Your Kiddo Now Is Able To Connect Numbers With The Quantities They Represent

Along with his physical, social and language development you will observe that the mathematical skills of your pre-schooler have taken a big leap. He will start using his numerical skills during his everyday play and other activities.

What you need to know

At this stage your child can understand the concepts of counting and can verbally count up to 5 or maybe 10. He may say the numbers in sequence like 1, 2, 3…..5 and will hold up his fingers to represent numbers. Identifying concepts of size like ‘Big or small’ and quantity like 'Less or more' is becoming easier. He will start associating numbers with the quantities they represent. If you ask him to bring 3 apples from the basket he will count and bring it to you. If you have written number 5 he will understand that it means 5 objects. 

Your Kiddo Now Is Able To Connect Numbers With The Quantities They Represent

If you feel that your child has not achieved any one of the milestones mentioned do not worry as each child develops at their own pace. Use everyday activities like counting the steps of the stairs, number of toy cars he has or counting the items bought at the store. Give him time and do not hurry as it will frustrate him.




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